I just read an article titled "On the Evils of Wheat," which outlines an interview with William Davis, MD a practicing cardiologist in Wisconsin.  And I wanted to quickly talk about wheat and gluten and it's co-horting cousins like oatmeal and quinoa.  Through my own personal journey of dis-ease and health recovery, I fortunately stumbled upon some quality doctors about 7 years ago who looked deeper into my system via genetic testing and discovered I was gluten sensitive or atypical celiac. Once learning about it, I quickly embraced a full and complete gluten-casein-soy free lifestyle. And I have never looked back, because my entire life changed almost overnight. It felt like a miracle and a great gift given to me.  Over the many years since that awakening, I have become a seeker and a learner from all information about gluten from many of the leaders in this field including Bernadette Savianno, PhD, Harry Delcher, MD and Kenneth Fine, PhD.  I work with a tremendous amount of gluten issues with my clients.  Without my awareness, based upon my caseload and client feedback, it seems I have become a bit of an "expert" in this area.  I have to dispel myth and incorrect information about this dietary topic almost daily, reminding people that just because it's on the internet doesn't mean it's true!  I am not going to get into the science and details here, but thought this was a great interview to begin the conversation.
                                                                          Bonus tip: 
      Just because it says GLUTEN FREE on the box does NOT mean it actually is!!! Be careful.

Just like Dr. Williams, I have't had one patient NOT lose weight and feel better in numerous ways when getting PROPERLY off gluten (the subprotein of gliadin which is found in certain grains like wheat).  Dr. Davis speaks about the genetics of wheat specifically in this article.

If you want to be healthier, lose weight, have a more stable emotional life and more, please read this article promoting his new book.
This country's love affair with bread, bakeries, and grains in general is destroying its population and contributing to the epidemics of obesity, diabetes, cancer, cardiovascular disease, and in my opinion and others in the research arena, contributing greatly to drug addiction and alcoholism. So, I guess I do think this PERVERSION of wheat we have available today is indeed evil.

For a preview of what's in the article:
Q: You say the crux of the problem with wheat is that the stuff we eat today has been genetically altered. How is it different than the wheat our grandparents ate?

A: First of all, it looks different. If you held up a conventional wheat plant from 50 years ago against a modern, high-yield dwarf wheat plant, you would see that today’s plant is about 2½ feet shorter. It’s stockier, so it can support a much heavier seedbed, and it grows much faster....But we’ve created thousands of what I call Frankengrains over the past 50 years, using pretty extreme techniques, and their safety for human consumption has never been tested or even questioned.

Q: A lot of us have switched to whole wheat products because we’ve been told complex carbohydrates are heart healthy and good for us. Are you saying that’s not true?

A: The research that indicates whole grains are healthy is all conducted the same way: white flour is replaced with whole wheat flour, which, no question, is better for you. But taking something bad and replacing it with something less bad is not the same as research that directly compares what happens to health and weight when you eliminate wheat altogether. There’s a presumption that consuming a whole bunch of the less bad thing must be good for you, and that’s just flawed logic. An analogy would be to say that filtered cigarettes are less bad for you than unfiltered cigarettes, and therefore, a whole bunch of filtered cigarettes is good for you. It makes no sense. But that is the rationale for increasing our consumption of whole grains, and that combined with the changes in wheat itself is a recipe for creating a lot of fat and unhealthy people.