Then please get a good filter system to remove the fluoride and the chlorine, at a minimum.  And encourage public hearings to discuss stopping flouride addition to your public water supply.  Why? Because scientists from the EPA's National Health and Environmental Effects Research Laboratory have classified fluoride as a "chemical having substantial evidence of developmental neurotoxicity". Consistent with the EPA's conclusion, a continually growing body of human and animal research strongly suggests that fluoride can damage the developing brain. Below is a 5 minute video by a practicing dentist Dr. Bill Osmunson outlining the reasons to stop mass drugging society by adding flouride to drinking water.
  • Flouride is a drug given by prescription for ingesting.
  • A pea sized amount of toothpaste contains .25 mg of flouride. If swallowed, you should contact Poison Control.  8 ounces of flouridated water contains .25 mg of flouride. See the problem here?
  • The American Dental Association and Center for Disease Control recommend ZERO flouride in water for infants. Yet, have you noticed all that flouridated baby water for sale at the grocery store? And TAP WATER is 250 TIMES more concentrated in flouride than breast milk.
  • Dental Flourosis is caused ONLY from EXCESSIVE FLOURIDE and creates brittle, weak, stained teeth enamel.  About 1/3 of all American children are experiencing this dental "disease" now. What other types of damage to the bones and organ systems are being produced by excessive amounts of this toxic drug?
  • Flouridation makes NO DIFFERENCE in the health of teeth comparing cities, states, or countries that use flouride or not. Cavity rates have simply decreased due to better hygiene. So why are we flouridating water still since there is proof there is no benefit?
  • (I'm not recommending plastic bottled water either. Get your water tested, and buy a filter that works to eliminate the flouride until you can work with others to restore clean, safe drinking water back into your local government's priority list. The plastic bottles create their own chaos on the endocrine and nervous well as destroy the environment.)
I deal with the effects of damaged brains professionally every day. It can be a heart-wrenching journey to witness the injury and fight for recovery that my clients endure. It can also be infuriating when you realize that many of these situations were forced upon them unknowingly through the widespread use of WELL KNOWN TOXIC SUBSTANCES in food, air and water.  There is no one silver bullet answer to what is the exact cause of the unprecedented attack upon the human nervous system and developing brain. But we do know that we need to eliminate the KNOWN agents as quickly and as much as possible.

In 2006, the National Research Council of the National Academies issued its report Fluoride in Drinking Water: A Scientific Review of EPA's Standards. Since then, many more animal studies have been published and another 14 IQ studies have either been published or translated. Five more IQ studies wait translation from the original Chinese. This brings the total to 24 IQ studies that have found exposure to fluoride associated with lowered IQ.

At least 16 studies on animals have shown that fluoride has an effect upon the hippocampus and nine of these have been published since the NRC's 2006 review. Damage in this area of your brain usually results in difficulties in forming new memories and recalling events that occurred prior to the damage.

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