Dr. Bruce Lipton and Dr. Wayne Dyer 
The Power of Your Beliefs in This 10 Minute Video
It's that time of year yet again. Driving past a car wash yesterday, my son asks, "Why is everyone (working there) wearing pink? Even the gorilla had on pink. Why is that?" Hmmmm. I didn't know how to quickly respond. And here's the first part in a multi-part series as to why: I don't want him "aware" of breast cancer. What good exactly would that do? What good is it doing ME to have a potentially fatal and usually disfiguring disease brought into my consciousness? How is that not helping to create an environment that is primed and ready to manufacture cancer? Now, I am not saying not to be responsible and pay attention to any unusual changes in my body and stay proactive towards creating vibrant health. Neither am I saying that these campaigns don't have some useful purposes. I am inspired and moved by survivors of all disease, and in this case, breast cancer "thrivers." I honor women and now even more numbers of men and celebrate in their victories and sympathize with their losses and pain. Many of my close friends participate in these events and it creates a feeling of hope, community, strength, courage and love deep within their hearts. But I have a few concerns about how much ACTUAL positive effects they are having on decreasing the rate of disease occurrence.

What am I talking about then? Today, I am talking about one aspect of what creates health or disease in our bodies and lives. How you are not a victim of your gene code...it is just an excuse that is making us all feel small, powerless and trapped. We have the ability to alter our DNA expression, in fact. This might be a great time to watch the 10 minute video above before you get too angry with me. One of those ways is that our mind's perception of our life influences our gene code and influences our health on a cellular level. It is referred to as epigentic control(link). It changes how you READ the genetic code. Did you know you can create over 30,000 different proteins from the same gene code depending on how your cells choose to read it? Why don't we have "Vibrant Health Awareness Month?"; and/or "Power of the Ta-Ta's or Bless Your Sacred Breasts Month?"; along with "Exercise Month?"; "Vegetable Juicing Rocks Month?"; "Peace is Awesome Month?" I think you get the point. Focus on what you desire, not what you want to avoid(link). Imagine if the entire culture did that at the same time? One of my personal heroes is Mother Teresa, and she once stated:

                   "I was once asked why I don't participate in anti-war demonstrations.  
      I said that I will never do that, but as soon as you have a pro-peace rally, I'll be there."

It seems Western Medicine is trying to blame "genetics" on a wide variety of disorders and pathology. This excuse conveniently allows medicine to not search deeper as to the true causes of disease and therefore appropriate prevention. If I can blame my obesity, cancer, thyroid disorder and more on my genes, I don't have to look at my responsibility in my lifestyle choices, the poisons in the water and food supplies, the cost on my health of carcinogens being pumped into the air by industry. I get to simply blame my genes and wait for the "doctor" to provide a miracle drug to cure me like magic. It allows no one to question: What is all this bleach in our drinking and bathing water really doing to us? What are the health consequences of eating fast food, smoking, and never exercising? Is there a health cost to stopping my body from cleansing out the toxins from my lymph tissue in the upper quadrant of my breasts through the sweat pores in my underarms as nature designed when I put on toxic, aluminum containing anti-perspirant every day?

Instead of looking at practical ways to AVOID most cancers in the first place, big pharma and western medicine just line up drug after drug to the tune of record profits in the billions per year. For example, in 2008, of the 126 drugs with $1 billion in sales, 20 were for cancer(link).

But, sometimes, things happen. It's "too late," and you are diagnosed with cancer. Now you do indeed need a cure. And FAST! So do we keep pumping money into these massive "research" campaigns in the hopes "they" will find one and essentially put themselves out of the profit making business and disappoint their number one priority: shareholders? Or do we look elsewhere to see if some cures already exist but have been hidden from us in the name of those billions of dollars in profits?  That is coming up in Part 2.