In this technological age we live in, it's rare to see someone walking without an iPod or some other music or media player strapped to them. Listening to music or even watching a video is so commonplace that few of us take the time to enjoy the stillness of our thoughts and the interaction with our bodies that walking meditation allows. Even if it's just one day a week, consider replacing one of your gym sessions with a walking meditation session. Better still, take your walk outside so you can enjoy the sounds of nature and your own thoughts and body signals. Supercharge this by considering walking BAREFOOT to truly receive the powerful benefits of connecting with the planet Earth.
Buddhist monks often use walking meditation as part of their daily lives while they move dutifully from one task to another. In addition to helping them develop mindfulness and loving kindness while they travel around, walking meditation is also used as a kind of meditation in its own right, with the monks scheduling time to walk up and down a set course or even a circular track to help keep their bodies at ease while also relieving tension that builds up over the course of their service. Paying attention to the body as it moves also helps them to be more in tune to it and, by extension, the world around them. This is best displayed by walking a labyrinth  A labyrinth is a spiritual tool used by humanity for over 4000 years to center the heart, calm the body, clear the mind, and self align oneself. It is merely a circular path, and you can't do it wrong! There is even evidence that walking the labyrinth positively affects brainwaves and neurology!
Scheduling time for a sitting meditation can be difficult for some, but since most everyone spends time walking each day, walking allows for a kind of meditation that even the busiest people can fit into their lifestyle, and you don't even have to walk slowly or in nature to reap the benefits – all that's required is an attentive mind and a willing body.

"We think too much and feel too little."
I must admit, being born in the 70's, I was completely unaware of the Charlie Chaplin film "The Great Dictator". Apparently, it was a film quite ahead of its time. The film was a strong satire comedy of Nazi Germany and Adolf Hitler. Chaplin wrote, directed, produced and starred in the film as a satirical Hitler himself in charge of his Nazi military whom he is speaking to in this clip. Keep in mind, it was released while the United States was still at peace with Germany. The last 3 minutes of the film contain a speech so powerful, so poignant and so moving that I felt compelled to share it on the blog. 

The YouTube video connects this speech from a film released in 1940 to current historical and political events via various images. 

It is not very graphic, but I recommend discretion and NOT allowing small children to see such intense images.
How does this connect to integrated neurotherapies and clinical nutrition, in which I specialize? What does this have to do with the myriad of clinical symptoms and diagnoses that people carry stapled to them when they walk through my door every day? How is this video related to EEG biofeedback, Chiropractic, Restorative Nutrition and Health?

The answer is connection in humanity. Oneness. Ultimately, my view on restoring balance and harmony to the mind and body begins with restoring you to your Self. Guiding you back to the self-discovery - the inner knowing - of who you really are, not who you have become confused about being.

We have forgotten who we are. All of us. Including me, of course. 

All dis-ease and all healing are a part of a spiritual disconnection and spiritual awakening, respectively. I work with the nervous system via brainwaves, sound frequency, food, supplementation and adjustments. But the real purpose behind all of that is to remove the chaos that is blinding you from remembering that you are a being of love and light connected to everyone and everything around you.

This is wholeness. This is health. This is peace. It begins in you. It begins in me.

Peace be with you.  Peace be with your friends. Peace be with your enemies.