Brain and Body Solutions is a holistic functional health center providing real answers to your physical and mental struggles. We offer relief for pain, sleep disorders, anxietyADHD, fatigue, learning disorders, memory loss, Autism, sensory issues, and migraines through a brain-based approach including neurofeedback, sound therapy, metabolic testingnutrition, weight loss, and Chiropractic.

Dr. Stephanie Joy Rimka

Thank you for the opportunity to BE with you on your journey.

You might be suffering,  looking for wellness care, or be on a peak performer's path. Either way, finding a solution that is custom tailored to YOU is what I do best.

No matter your goal, my main objective is to offer hope, empowerment, and results. Whether you are a client seeking short term care in the patient model,  seeking a long-term wellness relationship as a concierge-style practice member , or you evolve into being part of the family, you are welcome to come play with us.

The office is a “healing playground” built upon clinically proven science. Healing takes place when surrounded in safety, compassion, wisdom, peace, and laughter. My intention is to provide you a sanctuary combining the sacred, the science, and the silly while safely cradled in highly skilled hands.

The atmosphere is relaxed and unpretentious. You won’t find sterile medical posters or diplomas on my walls.  In fact, I have to warn you, I don’t even wear shoes most days. So, if seeing bare feet is problematic, or you need someone with a wall of impressive papers, I might not be your best fit. But if you want someone who will hear you, care for you, fight for you, study for you, research for you, hold hope for you, and love you like family, then you have stumbled upon the right place.


Many symptoms of today's diseases are difficult to diagnose, and we find ourselves going from physician to physician looking for a cure only to be left frustrated and with no answers. We provide a program to remove toxins from our bodies and our environment that are making us sick, and we make it easy to understand.