"I desire not to be your guru, but rather to be your guide."

S.J. Rimka

Our team believes there is a fundamental "rightness" within each of you. You are in no way lacking of anything. Instead, by removing layers of unhelpful frequencies such as negative thoughts, unresolved emotions, chaotic brain networks, improper foods, or poor daily habits, the perfection of who you really are is self-evident. It is this honoring of you as a dynamic and complex biological, emotional, and spiritual being capable of transformation and illumination that guides us.

Less really is more.

Brain and Body Solutions can help remove the layers that are weighing you down, dimming your light, keeping you in pain, and extending your suffering. It is your right to be healthy and whole, and we are here to help you regain your energy, health, and freedom to enjoy life.

We are a holistic, wellness practice centered on restoring balance to the brain and body with powerful and proven brain-based therapies. Our mission is to balance a playful mix of high energy creativity and calming relaxation for a wide variety of ages and conditions to feel safe, at home, and regain hope.

Our vision is to help empower you to rediscover your complete Self and live a connected, vibrant, playful, soulful, and fulfilling life, however that may look for you.

We desire not to be your gurus, but rather to be your guides.